Friday, April 9, 2010


Do you hear it?? What is that sound?? I don't think I have ever heard that sound before. Oh wait, yes I did, it was about 9 1/2 years ago, before the boys were born. It is the sound of a quiet house. I almost didn't recognize it. The boys are at their first sleep over at their friend Cristian's house. They have never slept away from home before. I always think, gosh I wish they would be quiet. Now its quiet, too quiet.

They will be back tomorrow and our loud world will go back to normal.

I'm Back!!

My friend Robin asked me the other day why I haven't blogged anything lately, that she enjoyed reading my blog. (Thanks Robin) So, I am back.

What's been going on?? Well, lets see, the boys are doing amazingly well in school, A's and B's!! Here are a couple of pictures from Easter. I was also informed on Easter when we were all playing Wii that Justin would try to find a game for my level of suckiness on the Wii. What a thoughtful little boy!!!! He's right though, I do stink at video games. I can type about 95 words a minute, but I can't make Mario jump and hit the little mushroom to save my life.

We are on spring break, so the boys have been off for almost 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They know better than to tell me that they are bored, because I am my mother, and I would make it my mission to find them something to occupy their time, like cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush or clean out their closet. My mom always told us when we told her that we were bored (which wasn't often, because we caught on quickly) that she was our mother and it was her duty to make sure that her babies were not bored. So, the boys don't sing the "I'm Bored" song very often. Three more days until they go back to school!!!!

I will post some random pictures from the last few months and I promise to post regularly. Seems like facebook came along and I forgot all about my blog.

I will do better!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We have an addition to our family!!!

Not another child. Good lord, the twins are enough!! We adopted a soldier. His name is Anthony Russell and he is currently serving in Iraq. We got him through a program called Adopt a US Soldier ( This is a great program. He is serving in Iraq and we get to send him cards, and letters, e-mail and packages. We think that this is a privilege, especially for the boys. We want them to understand that there are real, true heroes in the world, not the pop stars, sports stars and stuff that they see on TV. We want them to understand that freedom is not free and that there are real people fighting for the freedoms that we take for granted. My niece was in Baghdad a few years ago and she was giving me tips and advice about being a soldier. She said that it was so important to know that there were people at home who were thinking of and praying for them. They feel so disconnected over there. If anyone else can get involved in this project, it would be great. It doesn't take anything more than sending a card or an e-mail to make their day, while they are away from their homes and families while they are protecting ours. (I lifted this picture from a blog I love to read daily - This picture was taken from a little restaurant across from Ground Zero in New York. Cool, huh?)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Weekend

Did you like the view from our deck?? So did we this weekend, because that is as close as we got to the pool. You have to have pool tags to get in, even though I live across the street and you can see my house from the pool, the landlord didn't get us our tags, so there we were, the boys noses pressed against the sliding glass door, wanting to go in the pool. I had to explain to them a few times (read millions) that we did not have tags. They had a good weekend any way, they had a "camp out" in the living room with Daddy, watching movies and playing video games. I am bummed because Pittsburgh is down two games in the Stanley Cup. No one else cares, because it is not the Flyers, but Pittsburgh is my team. Other than that, nothing exciting. The boys have 12 days of school left. Yay??? They are so excited, me, not so much.

Well, off to make beds.

My life is so glamorous!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hello Blogworld

Things are officially one million times better. We are in our own home again. It is a beautiful condo in Egg Harbor Township. It is wonderful. We are steps, yes steps from the pool. This is the view out my front deck. I swear it is like waking up at a hotel every morning. The pool was open three days last weekend and the boys and I were at the pool three days. It was awesome. It it so great to be back in our own home again. You don't realize what you have until you don't have it any more.

The boys only have 15 days of school left. They are counting the days. They did so well through our whole past ugly seven months. Straight A's. I have such good boys. Justin brought home something from school that said he likes to brag about his mom because she is the best cook ever! He loves my chocolate chip cookies and my homemade chocolate sauce. He is my little chocolate buddy.

I will try to be a more faithful blogger in the future.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Little Fish Boys

They love to swim!! They pool at their school is open every Tuesday and Thursday night so we have been going on those night. They are like fish in water. They swim for the entire 2 hours we are there. I was amaze last night when Robbie jumped in the deep end. "what mom, we learned that in school". Apparently it was not as amazing to him as it was to me. They are growing up so fast. I also love the pool because it puts their little fishy butts right to sleep on the way home. Yes boys, we can go swimming every time the pool is open.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It is Official, I am My Mother!!!

I'm her. I have now officially moved into Joan Rocap mode. You know how you always think you will be so much cooler than you mom. It is true, I don't wear polyester pants with the seams sewn down the front, or those hideous house dresses that to this day still embarrass me that my mom wore, but the evidence is in the picture. I HAD TO BUY READING GLASSES!!!! You know the little glasses that your mom wore or wears, on the little chain (I don't have a little chain, please, I still do have some coolness in me). Well I now have a pair. Although they are cool, colorful stripes, they are still, well, old lady glasses. I was at my sister's house the other day and my cell phone rang and I was trying to see who it was and I was moving it around to try to focus on the number and Alice looked at me and said "What the heck are you doing, you look like Mommy."

At that point, I had to admit the obvious. I am my mother!!!

Don't laugh, you too will become your mother one day, trust me.